Munich Nightlife

Take advantage of an opportunity to party up in exclusive night clubs and hottest pubs. Experience traditional night rave and become a VIP of every party!

Night Club Entry

Visit smashing night club in Munich and dance the night away!
Funky and sexy Germans like neverending partying!
Put your hands up!
Experience unique stag weekend in hottest Munich's clubs!

Put on your dancing shoes and prepare for party, your name is shining on the guest list of the well-known Hamburg night club!

Your group doesn't have to waste its time queuing but can hit the bar immediately. Let the atmosphere tied you up and throw the party in company of wild locals.


Stag Dinner

Stag group in a company of a busty stripper
Delicious German dinner served in top-quality restaurant
Sexy stripper will be your dessert
Who wants to see her topless?

Having dinner in company of a beautiful girl is always a pleasure. Fortunately, this isn't any romantic movie but your stag do!

Enjoy tasty steak portion with cold beer and hot stripper dancing in front of your table! Can you imagine any better dessert than a sexy naked body served directly on your table? That's what we call served while hot!


Bar Crawl

Enjoy drinking with sexy Germans!
Bar crawl Munich
Pub crawl Munich
Stag group having great time in Munich

Booze up in high style! Our female guide takes you to all bars&pubs worth of seeing and your only duty will be having drinks... a lot of drinks! Kick off your stag night with this alcoholic bar tour!


Stripper Limousine

What a lovely surprise!
Luxurious limousine interior
Sexy German stripper in limousine
Explore the city with a sumptuous limousine

Are you looking forward to your party night? Why not start immediately after your arrival!We will pick you up on the airport in high style!

Our luxurious limo will drive you through the streets of Munich and the surprise waiting for you inside will take your breath away! There won't be any time for looking out of the window, sexy girl will pamper your stag group while being driven to the hotel.


Pub Crawl & Club

Can you drink more beer than German ladies?
Always crowded night club in Munich!
Stag mates enjoying smashing night
A place where the best parties are!

Shots for men and long drinks for ladies! Our guide takes you to the local pub where you can get everything you like plus authentic German atmosphere!

When you fulfill the first part of the plan - drinking - the second one is coming! Your steps change direction and your stag group will be heading to the notorious night club! That's still not the top of the night - here stag party just begins!


Bar Crawl and Stripclub

Boost your night with visiting the hottest strip club in the city!
Sexy German strippers will make your stag do unforgettable
Groom getting totally drunk!

Kick off you stag night with drinking! Literally!! When the last beer will be drunk and the last shot will be thrown down the throat it will be time to leave the bar and large the stag night up with visit in strip club!

Our guide takes you to the place where you can feast your eyes on hot girls performing sexy dancing just for you. What about the groom? Doesn't he deserve a special care of a hot lady?


Strip Club Tour

Tour de hottest Munich's strip clubs!
Find the most beautiful girls in the local strip club!
Stag group meeting before heading out for strip club
Hot girls, sexy curves, smashing strip clubs

There are two things men never get bored with - hot ladies and alcohol! Let's spend your stag night with something that all of you like!

Together with our attractive guide you gather in pub where you will have some beer or shots. If you want to experience more of German atmosphere, just leave the pub for another one and keep on drinking! Our guide will be there to ensure that your group meets the plan and your guided night will finish in spicy strip club with hot girls keen of your company.


Strip Club & Nightclub

Sexy stripper will amaze you with her curves
End up your stag do in terrific night club!
Sexy go go dancer in trendy night club
Professional pole dancer in hot Munich's strip club

Start your stag night luxuriously! Our guide shows you the way to the hottest lap dance club where you will be given into the hands of sexy strippers. You don't have to worry about your comfort, they know exactly what a future groom and his stag mates need.

When their hot show will be over, guide escorts you to the wild night club where you can burn up the dance floor in company of crazy locals!


Hummer Stretchlimo

Luxurious interior of Hummer limousine
Get a private limo tour!
Rent a limo and enjoy your night!
This hot car only needs a sexy stripper

Do you want to organize your stag weekend in celebrity style? Then you must start from the early beginning! With us you can join the board of luxury limo immediately as you get off the plane.

Make it the high-class stag do!


Beergarden Tour

Crowded beergarden in Munich
Taste strong German beer with creamy foam
Open space beergarden
Geerman beergardens are a popular place for meeting

Beergarden is for a real beer-lover like a Garden of Eden.

If you want to experience a piece of Beer Heaven in Germany, you should join our Beergarden Tour! Visit pubs where is more beer than water a enjoy seeing the world from the bottom of German stein!


Bar Crawl & Strip Club & Night Club

Party up in smashing night  club!
Prepare for a morning hangover
Busty German girls will make your stag do amazing!
Our guide shows you the best night clubs in the  town

Go for this perfect combination to make your stag do in Munich unforgettable!

Grab a beer in popular bars in the center and then head towards the hottest strip club in the center!

When stunning ladies finish their dance, go wild in a trendy night club and party up until the early morning with sexy local girls!


Strip Club Entry

Tempting lap dance
Sexy stripper waiting for your visit
Trendy strip club in Munich
Hot German strippers

Access to the sexy girls has never been so easy!

Boost your stag do with VIP entrance to the hottest lap dance club in Munich!

Let the beauties seduce you with their sexy curves!


Stretchlimo Lincoln

Enjoy ride in a luxurious limo
You get bottle of bubbly on the board
This interior only lacks a sexy stripper
Sumptuous Lincoln limousine

Your stag group deserves the best!

Live up your stag do in a high-style. Travel in comfortable and luxurious Lincoln limo from onle club to another!


Beer Hall Tour

Traditional beerhall in Munich
Famous busty German stripper
Beer hall are very popular with locals
Kick off your stag do traditionally!

Visit of a traditional German beerhall is a must of your stag do in Munich!

Do not miss it out and feast on typical fatty German meals and strong beer with creamy foam!

Kick off your stag do in original way!


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