Munich Daytime Activities

Enjoy a wide range of daytime activities in breathtaking atmosphere of Alps. Munich is a perfect place for both leisurely relax and thrilling activity. Try out go karting, paintball, beerbike and many more!

Paintball Indoor

Don't lose focus when paintballing during your stag weekend
The more people for the stag weekend, the better
One of many indoor paintball facilities in Berlin
Beauty on paintball playgrounds

Are you brave or a coward? There is no better way of revealing it than paintball!

Your stag do will change its course when you get stuck in paintball match against your friends! Or you can change the rules and put the future groom in victim's shoes. Who can focus most precisely on this hard target? Experience it in Munich paintball arena!


Indoor Go Karting

Competitive go kart race is waiting for you on the stag weekend in Berlin
Who will finish first?
Are you better driver than your friends? Find out during your stag party
Go karting indoor area in Berlin

Boys have loved fast cars since their early childhood. Now it's the best time for trying real speed and action!

Measure your men's skills and race with your stag mates on indoor Go Karting track in Munich. Does it sound too easy? You will change your mind after first hairpin turn! The last to finish pays beer for everybody!


German Meal & Beers

Drink draft beer in restaurant Maximilian's during your stag weekend in Berlin
Interiors of restaurant Maximilian's in Berlin
Delicious German meal is ideal for your stag party in Berlin
Pretty girls and beer can't miss during your stag weekend in Berlin

German Meal & Beers is activity that ensures you savoring the best of Germany! Baked sausage, roasted pork, dumplings, Schnitzel or red cabbage - you find out immediately why the Germans are so proud of their kitchen! An essential part of meat serving in Germany is a glass of cold beer with creamy foam.


Beer Bike

Stag mates having ride through the city on beer bike!
After you finish your beer biking, hot girls can serve you beer in a pub
Munich's special activity - Beer Bike
Try it out and you won't regret!

Sit comfortably and enjoy a cold beer one after another. Nobody can criticize you for anything because while drinking your beer you are also doing both - sport and sightseeing! That's what our Beer Biking is about!

With this special invention your whole group can cycle through Munich and see the local monuments and local beauties walking the streets. And if you will still miss some fun, just place the groom on position of bartender!


5-a-side Football match

Groom's football match
Great way to sweat out the alcohol is a football
If you are a football fan, you cannot miss out a football match in Germany
Go wild on pitch, drink hard in pub!

Change your cheering dress for cleats and run on the pitch to try football match with your stag buddies!

Can you feel the real football action or will you cry after the first injury? Enjoy your time in Munich with a strictly male activity. The local girls will take care of the other male issues during the night!


Maid Wake Up Show

The first thing a groom can see may be this sexy butt
Let a sexy maid surprise the groom in his hotel room
German girls are famous for their busty breasts
What is the first thing you wish to see in the morning?

Nobody likes waking up especially after a long drinking night ... only your stag will! Prepare special morning surprise for the future groom and order sexy private cleaning service to his hotel room.

Our maid won't forget to dress her spicy costume and bring all the cleansers to take the best care of groom's pleasure and purity.


Airport Transfer

Direct airport transfer
Comfortable and safe interior
Don't rely on public transport or tricky taxi drivers, travel with us!
Munich airport shuttle

Our minibus will be waiting for your arrival at the airport so you will be comfortably driven directly to your hotel.

Don't waste your time with unreliable public transport or expensive taxi-cab. Be pampered from the early beginning - it is your stag do!


Brewery Tour

Experience an interesting brewery tour and explore the secrets of beer
Free beer sample at the end of the tour!
Stag group at brewery tour
Learn about this popular liquid bread

Visiting the brewery can be for men greater excitement than is visiting Disneyland for a child! Add a little educational tour to your stag do and discover the birth place of the most popular drink in Germany (and maybe in the whole world)!


Football Stadium Tour

Stag group enjoying their private football stadium tour
Football stadium by night
Visit the place where legends played a match
Famous Munich's football stadium

If you are a real football fan, you can't miss our eye-catching guided tour through football stadium in Munich!

You will visit areas not accessible to the public and learn interesting facts about history and architecture.


High Ropes

Experience adrenaline in high ropes park in Munich
Adventurous stag weekend in Munich
High ropes park visit
Are your knees already shaking?

If your stag buddies belong to the bravest, challenge their courage on high ropes climbing. It is not only about strength but also about proper teamwork!

Test your balance skills on various tracks of different difficulty levels.


Medieval Dinner

Feast on delicious medieval dinner
Stag group in medieval restaurant
A great portion of meat for hungry stag group
Be served by kings and queens

Enjoy unique medieval dinner with plate full of good dishes and program full of princesses and kings. This and more only in Munich restaurant keeping the real medieval atmosphere!

Taste traditional German dishes and relish on strong shots from medieval times!


Sightbeering Tour

The best sightseeing in Munich
Groom at his best!
Our local guide shows you the hottest pub in the town

Munich offers plenty of monuments and sights worth of seeing.

But what if you get bored with walking the historical part of the city? Then simply change your sightseeing for our Sightbeering! Our guide takes you to taste a piece of Germany in the local pubs and shows you why are the Germans so proud of their beer!


Stadium Roof Walk

Amazing stadium roof walk
It is an unforgettable experience
Don't worry, a skilled instructor will assist you
Experience adrenaline rush in your blood!

Do you like football? And do you like adrenalin? If you answered "yes" at least once, you have to try our Stadium Roof Walk! You will be taken to the top of the Munich football stadium where you will walk travers around the whole arena. The climbing fuse protects you against fall, but what protects you against being scared like little baby?

If you feel like you can handle greater adventure, try our Stadium Roof Walk & Abseil or Stadium Roof Walk & Flying Fox.


Stadium Roof Walk & Abseil

Stag buddies and their abseil
Kick off your stag do with adrenaline!
Is your head already spinning?
Stag buddies after their abseil

Screw up your courage and walk the roof of Munich football stadium. If you are glad when your walking will be over, we have a bad news for you - the way down leads only through the abseil!

If you still miss some adrenalin try our Stadium Roof Walk & Flying Fox!


Stadium Roof Walk & Flying Fox

Go for it!
Famous football stadium in Munich
It's an unforgettable experience!
If you are afraid of heights, you better stay on the ground and drink beer

Pump up your stag do with adrenalin! Your visit of Munich football arena won't be about cheering but walking the top of the stadium! When you finish your traverse climbing the part only for the chosen ones with strong stomach comes - jump from the roof in Flying Fox style!

If you are scared even when reading, you better try the simpler version such as Stadium Roof Walk & Abseil or just Stadium Roof Walk.


White Water Rafting

Amazing white water rafting in Germany
Experience adrenaline afternoon on the river
Stag buddies on white water rafting
Kick off your stag do on the river!
It is time to leave the city fortification and see some nature! Germany is a country of beautiful landscapes and it would be pity to not explore it. Add rafting to your stag to-do list and experience the wild-water adventure.

Public Transport Day Ticket

Get a day ticket for public transport

Save your legs and energy and make traveling easier with day ticket on public transport.


Go Kart Outdoor

Kick off your stag do in Munich with go karts!
Watch out for sharp turns!
Stag mates racing!
Ready for a ride?

Do you like driving? Then definitely go for this activity!

Test your skills at modern go karting arena in Munich! Watch out for the curves and try to overtake your stag buddies!

The looser pays the beer!


Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting is a top activity for your stag weekend
Clay Shooting stag weekend friendly competition
Shooters from the arm during clay shooting
Focusing for next round of clay shooting

Clay shooting is for sure a top activity. Either you are a beginner or an old professional try out your skills with arms. It might get competitive seeing that nobody wants to finish last. This is really hard to beat for satisfaction and performance, it's a stag weekend corker!


Hot Rod Tour

Ride the city in mini Hot Rod and grab everyone's attention!
Groom enjoying a Hot Rod Tour
There is no better way of exploring the city
Experience unlimited fun!
The activity is currently not available in Munich.

Do you want to try something unusual? Enjoy crazy sightseeing in the center of Munich!

Drive funky little Hot Rods and grab everyone┬┤s attention! Live up your stag do in Munich to the fullest!


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